Portrait Parties: the way cooler tupperware party

Having fun in the purest form. All the silly faces. The laughs. Those little expressions. The looks that only come out when they are talking about something they truly love. My goal is to simply isolate the personalities that your children exude during these fleeting moments. Capture the nuances that make your child who they are right now, at this age.

Have you ever noticed, when you put lots of kids together, they get pretty silly? That is EXACTLY what these photos are all about! Being silly! What better way to get some super awesome photos than gathering a bunch of kids together at a party?! Lets do it! Gather 15+ of your kiddos buddies and host a Portrait Party! What could possibly be better than having fun with your best buds? A FREE year of quarterly portraits of your littles OR a family session...my treat just for hosting your own party! WIN. WIN. {insert happy dance gif here} 

Pumped to host your own portrait party? Here's how it works:

If you are interested and want to learn more, send me an email at alison.amick@gmail.com or, Reserve your date for your party. All you need to do is invite your friends, I take care of the "fun" stuff (like scheduling, and coordinating payment). The day of your party, I show up with my mobile "studio". Your friends come over, we make silly faces and have fun. Serious cuteness is delivered to your friend's inbox shortly after your party. 

If you are located in the Tampa Bay area, the sitting fee is $75 for your first child and $35 for each additional child. Your friends can pay online with me or at the party. Outside of Tampa Bay, packages start at $75.



Omggggg. I AM DYING. These are the best EVER. Aghhhhhhh. Moms will LOVE these!


I seriously freaking love you. You are so talented!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I want everyone to be able to do it! I love them so much.


I’d literally wallpaper my house 🤣 Which I’m seriously thinking of doing right now 😜