Family Features

Family photos are amazing. They are real, tangible, art for your wall, a frozen moment. 

Family Feature videos are magical. They transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, and your family will cherish it forever.

We document and create timeless videos so that you can always remember your children's mannerisms, what they sound like when they say I love you, what those little hands looked like as they embraced you for a hug.

Your children will look back and remember how you looked at them with the most loving eyes, what you sounded like when you sang them to sleep, and your super sweet dance moves!

So, set the iPhone down.

This is YOUR story too, and you deserve to be featured in it...

for THEM.

Family features are a perfect compliment to your lifestyle photo session or even your at home newborn photo session. Make sure to ask us about adding a video to your session and get the best of both worlds!

Christen C.

“Family features are invaluable. Priceless documentation”

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