We all have those "things" that matter most to us. That if everything fell down, you would hold on to them first. A lot of people use the phrase, if your house were to catch on fire, what would you grab first? For most of us, second after our family and pets would be photos. But what if this actually happened to you?! I cannot even imagine. I don't want to imagine. But, for this family, it became their reality. They lost it all. Including their photos.

I got an inquiry from Tiara about my availability. I was on my way to the zoo with the kiddos, so I called instead just emailing back. Instantly, I knew she was my kind of person. We just "clicked". Does that ever happen to you? When someone is just easy to have a conversation with? Like in another life you were best friends? I knew this session was going to be special.

We played and chatted, and she revealed to me that her goals were to replace beach photos she lost in a house fire. What?! Oh my goodness, she chose me to do this for her family?! To replace priceless photos? The pressure was on! So, we made the best out of our time. They had a blast playing in the surf, snuggling as a family and I photographed EVERY MAGICAL MOMENT.

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