Beach photo sessions are simply magical. As adults, I think it’s easy to forget to take in all of the wonder and fun the beach brings with it.

Building sand castles, catching coquinas, surfing the waves, finding the perfect shell, chasing down the ever present shore birds, looking out to the awe-inspiring horizon off the coast.

This magic translates naturally and quite amazingly to camera. For a photographer, there are even more of these hidden and inherent gems amid the beach that add to the magic. The light at sunrise and sunset on the Gulf of Mexico offer the perfect studio. The tones of water and sand and the cotton candy sky make for nature’s perfect backdrop. The rippled reflections and countless vantage points allow photographers to paint through the lens using nature as our palette. I could go on and on.

When you add children to the magic that surrounds any beach, it seems the purest form of beauty organically just comes together. The kids have a blast being kids, and the adults have a blast right alongside them, just taking it all in. There’s a reason Ft. Desoto and Tampa Bay beaches have been voted number one destinations for beach vacations. Whether you’re a Tampa Bay area local, or visiting from away, let’s capture the beauty of your family on camera while enjoying a morning or afternoon among the magic of the shoreline. 

Also, I encourage you to follow along on a blog circle. My friend Ute wrote a fun post about photography projects during corona crisis. She specializes in Family & Creative Portrait Photography in LA.