Hi there! My name is Alison, a St. Pete native and mother of two. About 10 years ago, I took my love of nature and the overall beauty I found in the world as a marine biologist, and started to channel it through the lens. 


I started out borrowing my (now) husband’s camera he used for fishing footage; and found myself swept up taking photos of Florida wildlife and summer days out on the boat. Not long into what emerged as a side hobby and passion, I came to realize that what I loved capturing most was people. The merging of nature and, particularly for me, family.


As a former fisheries biologist — where I spent my days SCUBA diving, fishing, even flying in airplanes — the environmental element and magic that happens when capturing people amid nature intrinsically became a key part of my work as a photographer. And I became equally captivated by capturing those oh so very small moments on camera. The pruned hands from hours of playing in the surf. The sunlight that hits kids’ faces as they run around the patio on a Florida afternoon. The welcoming of a new addition to the family during those first days at home. 


The details are what get me, and they’re what make shooting families so captivating and unique. Each and every time. While I specialize as a fine art photographer, my work has nothing to do with stuffy, abstract or extravagant — and everything to do with you and your family, well, simply being you.


Whether it’s taking my own two kids on a routine Crescent Lake stroll, or riding the boat out for an evening cruise, I’m constantly finding inspiration in the beauty of day-to-day life. And over the years, I’ve become just as much at home behind the viewfinder of my camera as I am spending time with my beautiful children, Riley and Austin, and superstar husband. 


I’m here to capture you and your family’s happy place. If you’re looking to book a session, reach out for a free phone consultation so we can chat more about translating those small family moments into amazing stills you’ll cherish for years to come. I can’t wait to meet you and your loved ones!